Sunday, April 12, 2009

A quick word on a so-called "crisis of brain drain in the banking sector."

Let them go.

It is a festering sore that is draining. They are pus.

These people refuse to live in a moral world where people play by the rules and succeed on merit. Not that we'll ever get to that place, but I think we can agree that we've had a sort-of shotgun referendum recently on what works long-term and what doesn't.

Will we really miss these people? Let them go. The Anti-Moses.

Some truly gifted, forward-thinking minds may be lost in this transition, as bankers run for Luxembourg and Monaco because they can't make a living wage on Wall Street.

Let them go.

In this exodus are the gangsters who shorted blue-chip companies for super-massive short-term gain, and perverted our imperfect and vulnerable capitalist system.

Oh what a horror, more talented teachers! Oh what horror, more social workers! More caregivers! OH THE HORROR!

Let them go.

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  1. Honestly, the ones I've met, I wouldn't trust to wash my car. Not because they would steal it (though that should obviously be a concern), but because they're dumb as rocks. Astonishing. Or maybe not.